Exercise: SOAP calculator

In this exercise you will program yet another simple calculator - this time using SOAP.

Getting started

The Producer: Make a Visual Studio solution, type WCF -> WCF Service Application

Make another Visual Studio solution, type Console Application (the consumer).

The Services

Make the methods one by one: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, etc.

Development cycle

  1. Add a new method to the WCF Service
    Add to the interface + the implementation
  2. Deploy the service
  3. Update Service Reference in the consumer applicaton
  4. Add to the consumer application: Call the new metod
  5. Run the consumer application.

Extra: Method with array parameter

Add another method to the service:

double Sum(double[] numbers);

Extra: Method with out parameters

Add yet another method to the service: The new method should be able to do all 4 arithmetic operations in a single method.

Hint: use out parameters.