Preparation for 3rd semester exam

At home

Read (all?) the pages in the curriculum carefully:

  1. Start filling your "black holes" (the subject you don't know anything about).
  2. Make a detailed plan on what to read - and when.
  3. Find a reading "buddy": Someone that you can phone when there is something you don't understand.
  4. Mail the teacher if you still don't understand.
  5. Make notes useful at the exam preparation.
  6. Every time you finished reading a subject, make an outline (some headlines) on the subject.
  7. Pack your bag according to the "Checklist for exams"

At the exam

  1. Start reading the question: All the pages.
    Ask the teacher if you don't understand the question.
  2. Answer the questions from first, to last
    Keep the sequence
  3. Pay attention to the theoretical questions.
    You may have to look things up in your books, etc.